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Monthly 2 hour Gong and Crystal Bowl Meditation

Join Laurie for a very healing and renewing afternoon of sacred gong and crystal bowl meditation with gentle yogic stretches to start. This is a nurturing and relaxing workshop for body, mind and soul. Come and slow down and allow the healing vibration to do the rest. 
These are offered in Wyongah, Contact Laurie if you want to come.
 2 Hour Sound  workshop is a great introduction into the beauty and radiance that is Kundalini yoga. The 2 hour includes chanting, 
breathing exercises, meditations,  gong and crystal bowl sound healing and yogic  postures. 

The Adi Mantra that we sing at the beginning of every class and workshop - ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO
I call upon the divine wisdom, consciousness and light that lives within
The benefits of the gong and crystal bowls include: 
  • Reduces stress 

  • improves sleep 

  • releases mental and emotional blockages 

  • stimulates endocrine glands 

  • helps you to feel more peaceful 

  • cleanses the auric field and creates a sacred spiral of energy which can be used for physical and spiritual purposes 

  • helps to clear blockages in the chakra allowing energy to flow better 

  • The crystal bowls are made of quartz crystal and due to the body's mineral content it resonates strongly to quartz energy.


The Gong

The sound coming from the gong is a combination of overtones and undertones, so there’s a branching out of sound. It’s not like music that’s following a melody. The logical, analytical part of the brain can’t figure it out. It allows for that part of the mind to completely disengage, to have more peace of mind and mental stillness and the person is able to connect more deeply to their spiritual self. 
Gong meditation is really good for helping people to bridge from the physical to meditative states. 
The gong helps heals the parasympathetic nervous system -- which typically we don’t nurture much. We tend to be living in fight or flight mode full of stress. In my classes and workshops, I find that people come back again and again to gong and crystal meditations because they feel so much lighter and better afterwards. 
My students say it helps them handle life better, to feel more peaceful and to quiet their mind and become more relaxed. It helps to train their nervous system to be able to get back into the space of peace. 

Meditation Classes

Learn different yogic meditation techniques to help you relax, quiet your mind and get in touch with yourself. 

Posted by Laurie Levine on Sunday, 29 April 2018

Private classes also available. Contact Laurie for more information.