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Laurie Levine is an gifted healer, empath and kundalini yoga teacher on the Central Coast. With over 30 years experience Laurie helps her clients and students to find peace and balance in their lives. She works with both adults and children. Laurie brings in such wisdom and love to her classes and workshops as well. 

Laurie offers phone and zoom sessions as well.

Contact Laurie to find out how she can help you.

Your great life now! 

Lots of new yoga sets and meditations on my youtube page. Enjoy them at your own leisure.

Namaste, Laurie

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Events and Workshops

2020 Classes, Events and Workshops Calendar

Kundalini Yoga Classes and Sound Healing Meditations at  Wyongah

 September - December 2020

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Come and experience the power and radiance of Kundalini Yoga. 

Monday 6-7 pm 

Tuesday 9:30 - 10:30

Wednesday 6-7 pm 

Thursday 6-7 pm

Friday 9:30-10:30 

Location: Wyongah Studio 166 Tuggerawong Road, Wyongah

$15 Bring mat and water

Private classes also available - ring me for details

Bookings are essential

You need to book in ahead of time and give at least 4 hours notice 

if you can't make it as space is limited or you will need to pay for the class. 

Thank you, NAMASTE

Sacred Gong and Crystal Bowl Meditation - 

Sunday,  September 27th, November 1, November 22,

from 3-5 pm 

This is a nurturing and relaxing workshop for body, mind and soul. 
We do some Kundalini Yoga to start and release blockages 
and then 2 sound meditations and 1 yogic meditation.

Come and slow down and allow the healing vibration to do the rest.

Time: 3:00 - 5:00pm

Location: Laurie's Namaste Studio - 166 Tuggerawong Road, Wyongah

Bookings: $50 book in advance

Limit 6 people so book in now to reserve your place

First come, first serve

Plus yummy Chai and bliss balls 

Book in now 




"I cannot begin to express just how grateful I am for yoga in changing my mindset and enabling me to have the dignity and self-respect that I so desperately need during an emotionally draining situation - thank you so much Laurie Levine for putting me on this path x" 



"In 2013 a work friend told me she was trying out a new yoga class, and I had been needing some space in my life, a place to just stop focusing on everything else that was going on around me even if it was only for 1 hour each week, so I decided to join her!
From that moment onward my life hasn’t been the same and has massively changed for the better! Laurie has taught me so much more than just Kundalini yoga since I joined, she has taught me how to be better at the most important thing in life ‘self care’ and the importance of not only loving ones self right down to our core but also loving all living beings & the world around us. Fast forward from 2013 to now 2019 I am a changed woman with so many tools in my Mary Poppins bag of tricks to help me lead a happy and healthy life for my mind, body and soul!
Thank you thank you thank you Laurie Levine for opening your doors and most of all your heart to anyone and everyone that crosses your path!
I am so proud to call you my yogini and will tell anyone and everyone that has the time to listen about all of the good things they too can learn and enjoy from your classes Kundalini Yoga With Laurie"



" Laurie's Kundalini yoga classes have been a life changing experience for me. Each session is different but the results are always the same...an incredible reduction in stress and anxiety, improvements in physical health including increased mobility, reduction in pain, reduction on weight leading to a reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure and best of all being able to handle the twists and turns of work and life calmly and effectively. An added bonus have been the Gong and Crystal Bowl Meditation sessions Laurie runs for 2 hours. 

The time goes so quickly but the transformation is incredible, we literally float out the door out after one of these sessions."



"I found Kundalini Yoga 18 months ago. After each class with Laurie my mind is so settled and refreshed, that my body cant help but follow suit. It has helped me relax more in everyday life so i dont sweat the small stuff, however the most rewarding  change has been an increased level of patience as a mum. 

Give it a go, and see what changes Kundalini can make for you."